Søren Kirkegaard —  June 17, 2013

From the beginning, the goal of Beaver was to create a modern wooden chair with tons of character and details.

It is based on our 2013 collection, which centres around the theme “City meets nature”. Nature is clearly evident in the solid wooden legs – a material that make the Beaver chair a natural part of the Scandinavian design tradition.

The design also features a steel cross that ensures the chair’s stability while adding a graphical and urban element that enhances its look. The seat is made of durable and practical laminate, which combines with the chair’s other elements to give Beaver its dynamic design with a touch of retro.

We have recently updated the Beaver series, so it’s now available with more options for wooden legs and seat in veneer and upholstered in our Mode fabric or a high quality of leather.

All in all, Beaver is a dining chair with many qualities, fitting the needs of modern homes and creating cosy evenings around the dining table.

Not only is the chair offered at a good price, it is also included in our 25% off dining campaign, which runs until 23June 2013 – go get yourself a Beaver.

The Beaver chair is designed by Says Who

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