Graphic Goodies

Anette Eckmann —  July 12, 2011

Since 1997, Danish design agency e-Types has been delivering exciting graphic design solutions in a wide range of contexts.

Apart from developing graphic identities and typographies, e-Types has launched Playtype, its own typographic concept store, where you can buy digital fonts and typefaces as well as purely physical products with a clean and graphic expression.

If the black/white graphic style appeals to you, you’d better hurry along to the shop in Copenhagen while you have the chance as it will only be there until 1 December 2011. Intended as an experiment, the store is a kind of playground where goods and activities will be in a constant state of flux.

“The offline shop is a way of starting a dialogue with a wider audience about the significance of typography, sure.

But it is also a place where we can experiment with our craft. A place where our designers can work more freely than they normally would when working with a corporate design programme. The shop gives us a place where our designers can have a cool idea on a Monday and see it come to life in the shop the following week. For now, we’ve created a couple of t‐shirts and posters, but maybe we’ll transform the whole space into a gallery next month or something completely different the month after that,”

Rasmus Ibfelt, Partner and Managing Director at e‐Types.


Playtype Concept Store
Værnedamsvej 6
1619 Copenhagen V