Studying Textile Design

Meet Lea Kargaard. She’s a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the Institute of Architecture and Design. Lea is in the Master program specializing in textile design, where she works with the development of textiles and design concepts for interiors, fashion and architecture.

Lea invites us into the studio and shares her creative process with us.

At the moment, I am in the middle of a small process, where I work and experiment with the 3-D shapes and designs in textile materials which are suitable for shielding or similar functions either inside or in the outdoors.

It is somewhat of a challenge, and I have no idea right now what I am really doing. But the good thing about this small process is that you just have to throw yourself into it and see what comes out of it.

I certainly need to practice not thinking too much about what it is I am doing. And just do something instead. This usualy results in some very interesting studies, which you can use later in the design process.

Here are some various work images and inspiration material from my process. The focus is on membrane constructions, colors, transparent materials, as well as shadows and patterns used in architecture. It is all based on the textile.


We’re nominated!

Bolia .com —  August 21, 2015

blogHighly deserved acclaim showered upon the Morse Lamp, designed by Morten & Jonas.

Our Morse Lamp, created by the Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas, has been nominated for an award at the Bo Bedre Design Awards in Oslo.

The Morse Lamp is joined by four other strong designs in the competition for the Lamp Design of the Year award.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, 26 August at the Design and Architecture Centre in Oslo, where awards will be presented in seven design categories.

See the other nominated design stars and discover inspiration at

Morten & Jonas on their design:

We are inspired by living and everyday life. We want to have a curious and playful approach to our work and this should be reflected in our expression, our choice of materials and the people around us. A touch of humour in design is important, but it must also reflect a good understanding of form, function and details. We have succeeded in our work when our design makes others happy.



Bolia designs at ARoS

Bolia .com —  August 6, 2015


Bolia is part of the beautiful exhibition ‘FORM, COLOUR, PLANE’ at ARoS Art Museum.

The museum is staging works from their permanent collection in a new innovative, untraditional and colorful way.

Bolia design classics such as the Aura sofa, the Bullet chairs, the Square table and the Strap shelf takes part in the cool exhibition.

Pay ARoS a visit if you are in Aarhus.
The exhibition is up until August 30th.

For the love of art.


Ceramics Crush

Igor Josifovic —  July 29, 2015

Ceramics Crush

A few weeks ago I spoke about earthy hues here on the Bolia blog. Many boho interiors feature those earthy hues as well as plants and – ceramics. Made of clay thus of earth itself, ceramics transmit a very rooted feeling in a home. In human history it is known that mankind started working with clay thousands of years ago and ever since it has become an integral part of our lives.

Today we can see a new crush on ceramics. People love to collect them, they carefully choose their ceramic pieces often opting for vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind items, handmade ceramics. And they use them while decorating their homes. Ceramics have a great visual impact when styling your home – they work as a statement piece when placed solely or work as a group together.

When you group ceramics try to find one common ground: a common style, a common hue or common shapes to make the biggest visual statement. And think of a great mix of new and old pieces to add interst to your ceramics collection.

No need to mention that you can find some really nice pieces at Bolia, right? Have fun collecting!


How we dwell in 2016

Igor Josifovic —  July 26, 2015

How we dwell in 2016

Dwelling has gone way beyond the physiological or safety needs once decribed by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. Today dwelling is an expression of our lifestyle and our beliefs. It is shaped by our character and is the visible outer shell of our personality. Brands in the dwelling business have always been challenged to understand and forecast the lifestyle that will match the preferencies of the majority. Thus let us look into 2016 with Bolia and its brand new collection.

Nature, geometry and saturated colours seem to be an overarching vibe that I’m getting from the new Bolia collection. I love how natural materials interact with geometric shapes, how the interplay of colours and shapes sometimes even reminds me slightly of the Memphis designs in the 1980s yet everything looks incredibly contemporary.

If I am to choose my favorites I would have a hard time. I’m a big fan of velour, so eventhough the Madison sofa and Bullet recliner is not new, they’ll be on my list. Also the new, high Clinkers wooden sideboard, the Bloom glass vases with cork base and the new smoke oak version oft he Strap home office wall unit. The new Bolia collection embraces our striving for a calm and peaceful home, for a grown-up haven where style and refinement reside.

Now only one question remains: How will you dwell in 2016?

Bolia Loves Stella

Bolia .com —  July 24, 2015

Bolia Loves StellaWe love music, and music plays a fundamental part in our everyday life at Bolia. Electronic music in particular warms our Bolia hearts and is a huge source of inspiration to us; both when we’re inventing new designs and curiosities as well as out in our stores, where customised mix tapes can always be heard flowing from the speakers and play an important part in creating our unique Bolia atmosphere.

So it’s no secret that we love Stella Polaris. In fact, we’re so crazy about this electronic chill-out festival that we’ve been supporting Stella Polaris for years – and of course we make sure we never miss it when the Botanical Garden in Aarhus and Frederiksberg Gardens are brought to life with mellow electronic beats.

We look forward to chilling with you at Stella Polaris – so much so that we’ve also created some fun and functional surprises to add to your enjoyment.

For The Love of Music

Get the Bolia mixtapes at Soundcloud.

#Bolia #StellaPolaris #BoliaLovesStella #ForTheLoveOfMusic

Botanical Garden
Saturday, July 25
12.00 – 21.00

Frederiksberg Gardens
Sunday. August 2
12.00 – 21.00



Earthy Hues

Igor Josifovic —  July 6, 2015

Earthy Hues

Inspired by the earth we walk on.

A common breed of people we find in urban areas can be often described as follows: Creative, free spirited, liberal, environmentally conscious, preferring organic food, quite often vegetarians. They value quality time and creative expression over money and corporate careers. They also dwell adequately. They have light filled homes, carefully chosen furniture representing a mix of new and vintage pieces, individual and well curated collections and plants. And their colour palette is another expression of their personalities: They love to live with earthy hues.

Inspired by the earth we walk on, homes that feature earthy hues brim with serenity and balance. They seem to be the natural habitat of the creative folks, setting the best home framework to interpret the dweller’s collections, furnishings and creative work. Raw leather, wood, whites, browns, beige hues enriched with balanced, subtle colours inspired by the nature set the tone in these homes. The rich texture comes from the variety of natural materials exposed like wood, ceramics, linen.

Choosing an earthy palette for the home is about living in unison with the nature and creating a home that is rooted and balanced – and the perfect habitat for the creative urbanite.

Product Collage: Bolia

EarthyHues01: Design Sponge

EarthyHues02: Marie Claire Maison

EarthyHues03: Decoist

EarthyHues04: Apiece Apart


Every blogger needs a desk

As a full-time blogger I spend most of my time at home, blogging from my desk (or dining table), which makes it essential to have the perfect desk! A desk with plenty of space for all those magazines, press releases, my endless piles of blocks and notes, and my many cups of coffee!

If you live in small space a combination combining both a bookcase and a desk is probably the best way to go. Or maybe just picking a wall mounted desk that can easily be closed, hiding away ones mess.

If you have more space, then don’t be afraid to look at dining tables, as many can be used as desks also – and many of the dining tables have the extra leaf option, so you always can go bigger, if you need more space for papers or an extra person.

Woods, metallics & stones

In Scandinavia we have a long history with furniture in wood. Many of the greatest designers ever lived were world-class carpenters, designing some of the greatest pieces of furniture ever made. Wood is great, because it never gets out of still. No matter with style period we have seen through the years, wood has been right in there. All, except one, the whole 60’ies plastic sensation fascination lead by Verner Panton. So unless you are still stuck in the 60’ies, anything made of wood is a very safe choice.

The past years we have seen a huge trend in adding brass and marble in with the interior. These trends is evolving this year and broaden a bit, so instead of focusing on only brass and marble, it is more metallic and stones in general.

Brass, gold and especially steal is making a huge comeback, team it up with any stone material, like black or white marble or concrete, and you are very safe and extremely trendy.

Must-haves from the Bolia Lookbook

For some reason Spring always make me want to throw everything out and start fresh with a clean pallet. Luckily this year, I made the big move from a small apartment to another way bigger in Copenhagen. Obviously I didn’t throw out all my furniture, but I had to find a lot of new ones.

One of the biggest mistakes I find many people doing, is rather than saving for the right and long lasting pieces they beat a path to the nearest Ikea. Yes, they have many nice things, but you don’t want to surround yourself with an entire Ikea catalogue. I would much rather live with an empty space for a few months and go without a summer vacation, than buying semi-good furniture. Remember, you have to live with these bigger pieces for a long time.

So to make it a bit easier for you, I have found my favourite pieces from the 2015 Bolia Lookbook, concentrating on the bigger items; a bookcase, a couch and a dining table. Along with a few good tips for you to think about when buying these.

Pick a bookcase that you can always add to. Variant is a great piece, as it fits perfectly for a smaller space and as you move to bigger spaces later in life, you can add to it.

If you only have space for one sofa, go as big as possible. Lets face it; you need a sofa where you are able to snuggle up with your loved ones on a hangover Sunday in front of the TV. My absolute favourite Bolia piece is the Mr. Big sofa – in aqua blue velour.

When picking a dining table, less is more! I always pick one where the tabletop can be made separate from the legs, as I might want to change the top, when I get bored of the look. Pick one in wood, as these gives warmth to the interior and as you don’t as easily get bored of wood as with laminate.

Sofa trends 2015

Allan Torp —  May 12, 2015

Sofa trends 2015

At the moment I’m in love with two types of sofas: the ones with slim legs and the ones with that unique, vintage feel. So if you’re looking to buy a new sofa, these are from my point of view, what you have to look for.

We have seen the slim legs on sofas for a few years now, however it is not until now that we really understand the beauty of them. A sofa can be, and very often it is, a very heavy piece of furniture in your living room, which is why slim legs, is a good idea. It lifts up the sofa, almost cancelling out gravity, giving the heavy sofa a much more elegant look.

If you are not quite there yet, and you actually like the heaviness of the sofa, then you should really look for a sofa with a vintage feeling. If you are lucky to find the perfect sofa from the 50’ies then go for it. For the rest of us, that doesn’t have time to find that perfectly worn-out sofa from the actual 50’ies, you should go for a new one, but with clear references to the 50’ies, 60’ies and 70’ies. One of the easiest ways is to choose either a good leather quality upholster, as leather quickly gets a vintage feeling, or go for the bolder version, choosing a velour fabric.

What inspires me

Henriette Kalbekken —  April 2, 2015

What inspires me


I’m inspired by many things. Day to day, by people – what they wear, how they look. Strong people really inspire me. Seeing what drives others and the lives they live is what inspires me most.

I love travelling and I love to see the colour contrasts around the world. Small details, such as a cup or a dish in a restaurant can inspire me.

I often think homes with a personality are inspiring – homes that have something that not everyone has. Preferably something vintage or something new. Colours and colour compositions are also really exciting to work with.

I work as an interior design and find it challenging as I constantly have to think up new ideas, and no two homes are the same. In many ways I have to feel inspired in every project I do – otherwise my body would give up. I wouldn’t finish the job.

Often when I’m painting I need to listen to music, be alone, travel, dream and let the inspiration come. I can’t force inspiration – it just has to come on its own.

It’s as if the body, head and heart are set to think in terms of interior design whenever I enter new premises, a new room, house etc. I can’t leave a café without having an opinion on what I would have done differently or having fallen in love with what I saw.

It’s fun and exciting – as long as you enter with your eyes open – when looking for it I usually always find the inspiration I need.

I think all people can do this if they want to – so next time try and let the inspiration come to you!

Green Living

Igor Josifovic —  March 25, 2015

Green Living

March is the first month of the year that slowly announces spring. It makes us yearn for the outdoors, for the green nature and first blossoms. While we are patiently waiting for spring to kick in, let’s invite the nature into our homes and live green.

Inviting plants into our homes has been a major trend over the past years. But living with house plants is not only a question of style and decoration, it is a statement and lifestyle choice. It enhances the living environment making our homes healthier and better for us and our beloved ones. House plants purify the air, release fresh oxygen and lower stress levels. They truly make our homes a more beautiful and healthier place.

The vast selection of house plants and green solutions for the home make living with plants neither difficult nor time-consuming. Those claiming not to have a green thumb can opt for low-maintenance or even no-maintenance plant solutions like sealed plant jars that care for themselves. Other can opt for terrariums or low-maintenance plants like cacti and succulents that require a minimum of plant care. Whatever your option is, you will be fascinated to see how plants bring a space to life and make it lush and cosy.

According to your home size you can opt for large or small plants, floor pots, small plant pots or even hanging planters if space is very limited. Go for it, live green, live healthy. Live, love and create!

My bowl table

Henriette Kalbekken —  March 19, 2015

My bowl table

My first meeting with the Bowl table made me fall head over heels. It had an unbelievably beautiful design, as well as practical space inside the table – I was sold. 

It has now been with me for almost four years, and is just as beautiful. Despite different living rooms and different houses, the table has always, with its distinctive design, been a strong contributer to the look that I have desired.

In my first apartment in Tromsø, it looked like this. My style was blue and brown, in a combination of cozy but minimalistic.

Bowl 10

Bowl 01

I moved to Oslo, to a more modern apartment, where I painted the floors white-grey. The table fit in well there, precisely because of the floors. There was a nice contrast with the table top in walnut. There was a harmony of grey, with some colours in between. Blue was still dominant.

I moved again to a new loft apartment in the same apartment building, where I had to deal with dark floors in a cherry colour, which I felt was a bit of a trainsmash. I got a bit of anxiety from too many types of wood in the living room.

Bowl 011

So after a short time, I decided to paint the table top so that I could get it the way I wanted it. Plus, it was a personal change for me in the interior.

Bowl 07Bowl 02

When it was more neutral, it was easier to decorate with other colours and décor. I do not regret it. If I ever do regret it at some stage, I can just find the sander and sand it down until the woodwork is visible again.

After a while I moved again. This time to an older apartment building with old rosettes and hardwood floors. Here, the walnut table top would have been fine again, but I am so keen to paint the wall behind the sofa, so it is nice to have a more neutral table.

Bowl 06

The Bowl table has become something of a hallmark for me. Most people recognise my living room because of precisely this table. For me, it is so personal that I feel a sense of belonging to it. It cannot be replaced. It has been so popular, and I get questions almost daily about where it comes from. And yes, it is from

Bowl 08

Leather goods


In real life it is something we all aim to – to age in style and with grace. But what we aim for ourselves, we can also wish for our home. Currently we can observe a micro trend around leather goods, handcrafted pieces and larger furniture made of leather with natural tan finishing. Leahter goods recall ancient handicraft and quality. They refer to the nature as the material is natural itself – and above all, it gains beauty over time.

Leather goods are not made for people who like timeless perfection and impeccable looks. Leather will age over time and it will carry the signs of time and usage on it. But the real connoisseur will appreciate that fact in particular: each leather piece will become unique, it will turn into a one-of-a-kind piece molded by time and use.

Leather goods are popular in interiors with a natural vibe, be it Scandinavian interiors or bohemian homes. It perfectly blends into a rich interior scheme with colours, patterns and various textures as well as into monochrome, puristic interiors with a Nordic vibe. Leather pieces will always add character and texture to a room, transmitting a warm and natural feel.

So let your favorite piece of furniture age in style with you. And you will see that beauty comes with age – in both, humans and leather goods.