Bedroom rulesThe Bed
The most important element of any bedroom is the bed. We spend 1/3 of our life lying in bed, so this is not where you want to safe those cash. The madras is of course the most important thing, choose wisely and do get some professional help. I am not saying that you need to go all out getting the most fancy and expensive one, but you don’t want to opt for the cheapest one either. When it comes to the type of bed frame and bed linen that you choose it will dictate the look and feel of the entire space. When choosing bed linen, the first thing to think about is what other colours and textures are already in the room. You don’t want your bed linen to clash with the existing interior such as the wall colour or floor texture. If you’re unsure then keep your bed linen minimal and layer up neutral colours.

Studies show that the darker your bedroom is when you sleep the deeper and better you sleep. So you might think the light semi-transparent fabric curtains is the best option, however, you should really consider spending some cash on some made to measure blackout curtains. It might not be the prettiest option, but I guarantee you, that you will thank me later when you sleep like a baby.

I love creating a tranquil bedroom where I can switch off and relax. When it comes to the bedroom, always think in calm colours, e.g. greys, whites, soft blues. Colours have a huge influence in helping our minds turn off and a great way to add other colours is through artwork. The choice of artwork or print is up to you, but often blue, green or neutral tones work best to instill calm. You can cluster a combination of different artworks together otherwise go BIG and choose a feature piece for above the bed.

Bedside Tables
Bedside tables are a must, not only are they a great style feature but also very practical. I like to keep my side tables uncomplicated, so as not to take the attention away from the bed. If you’ve got a lot of ‘things’ then opt for a side table with a concealed drawer. Otherwise other great options are to use the shellfish shelf or the structured Hex Marble coffee table, if you only want something to hold a cup of tea and a good book.

Go green!! Plants are the ultimate addition to any room and the bedroom is no exception. Make sure you work out what type of light your bedroom receives and choose a plant accordingly. Indoor plants will instantly bring your room to life and you will never want to leave your peaceful indoor jungle! Some plants actually have a gentle and soothing effect on your body and mind when sleeping, e.g. Jamine, some have even shown to reduce crying in babies, e.g. Lavender. One thing to remember though, don’t go full on botanical garden in your bedroom, one or two is more than enough.

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Be a good houseguestSummer holiday is upon us; soon we will explore the world. When travelling, being able to stay with friends or family can be way more fun than putting up in a hotel. I always rely on my amazing friends when I travel; they are always so welcoming, letting me stay with them. And, let’s face it – it helps us save a good few bucks too. However, being an ideal houseguest can be tricky business. Here are some houseguest etiquette tips to help ensure that you will be invited back again.

Bring a gift
This one is really a no-brainer, it goes without saying. Always bring a gift, again, you safe a hell of a lot of money, so at least bring a super nice gift. An idea could be to bring something special from your home country, and as we are a country full of great Danish design, bring some cool design. No matter where you will travel, Danish design will be appreciated.

Enquire about the house rules
If you haven’t stayed with your host before, ask for a ‘tour’ around the house upon arrival, and get familiar with the simple things, such as whether you should take off your shoes at the door and how to work the washing machine.

Buy/bring your own
Remember you are not staying at a hotel, so you bring you own stuff; this applies to things such as toiletries and groceries. Before you leave home, you should always ask, if you need to bring towels and bed linen. Just ask your host, where the supermarket is to get yourself stocked if you don’t bring everything from home.

Leave no trace
Make a note of the state of your room or the house upon arrival. Tidy up after yourself; leave the place as clean as possible and return everything to its original position when it’s time to leave. I am sure you hate to clean up after others, just as much as I (or your mom) do.

Thank your host
It is always good idea to leave a little something as you leave, make a little a personalised thank you note, and maybe you have noticed something your host is missing or you stumbled over a nice bottle of wine or a beautiful frame during your visit. Of course, if you have the space, reciprocate and invite your host and his/her family over to your place if they decide to visit!


Roskilde Festival 2016

For the love of Roskilde Festival – and Danish fashion, food and design.

At this year’s Roskilde Festival, artists will be in for a very special treat.

The Artist Village by RAINS, will welcome guests with nothing but love and good stuff straight out of Denmark.

The bar is operated by the Danish fashion brand Rains Journal.

The Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ / Manfreds will work their magic.

B&O Play is taking care of the great sound.

And yes – tables, chairs, sofas, lamps and accessories by us.


Your first apartment

Allan Torp —  May 17, 2016


You did it! You’re adulting so hard and finally have the first real place you can call your own. Whether you’re renting or owning, have roommates or live solo, having a place to call your own is a big deal. Decorating your space to reflect your vibe can feel overwhelming so we’ve put together 5 essential rules to help you get your decor game strong. Before you know it you’ll be going to the dentist every six months and find yourself going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Build a gallery wall
Hanging artwork on your walls is one of the easiest ways to add colour and impact to your space. Throughout the last couple of years other young people have started created magnificent art pieces that fit any style. Mixing up frames is a good way to give it an eclectic look. Try a gallery wall over your couch as a statement piece that ties the room together – it is even allowed to hang some personal pics as well, maybe one of your pics got a lot of likes on Instagram, why not get it printed? Your friends will be all like, “whoa, am I in an art gallery?” And you’ll be like, “dude, chill, it’s just my living room”.

Quick Tip: Not sure how many is too many? Start with 3-5 pieces and play around with scattering their placement on your wall. They don’t have to be aligned.

Build a gallery wall
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Make that bed
A made bed is essential to a clean and effortless bedroom. Keep it to simple colours and always go white with the bed sheet. Many guys tend to go for the darker colours on that sheet, but this will just make it look dirty actually – and remember, you want to keep those girls coming back right? Add a bedspread and a few colourful pillows to get that awesome hotel look; it will impress your guest!

Quick Tip: Wash your bed linen and sheets every two weeks. Nothing beats dropping into bed made with freshly washed sheets anyway.

Make that bed
Photo by Claus Brechenmacher

Plant a plant
It is pretty much the trendiest thing you can do for your interior. Plants are also an inexpensive way to add warmth to a room. Many plants also help clean the air, fight colds and can balance your overall homeostasis.

Quick Tip: If you’re new to plants, or worry you have a “black thumb”- try a cactus! They are easy to find, come in great variety, and need very little care – basically lots of light and water once a week (some even less).

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Less can be more
When it comes to creating a place that is functional and inviting, often the best mantra is “less is more”. This concept can be difficult to grasp, especially if you’ve ever wandered down the Ikea rabbit hole and ended up with a cart full of things-you-didn’t-know-you-needed-but-now-definitely-do. Think of it as, the fewer things I have everywhere, the less I have dust off.

Quick Tip: When setting up your new space, put any items you’re uncertain about in a box. To borrow the words of decluttering guru, Marie Kondo, does it spark joy in you? If not, toss it.

Less is more
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Above all: you do you
Just because you have your first “big boy/girl” place doesn’t mean you have to give up the unique, quirky style that makes you-you. Anyone can create an Instagramable space but if it doesn’t feel inherently “you” then you will never feel at home.

Quick Tip: Repurpose something you loved from your childhood bedroom as decor – a tiny figurine your grandma gave you or something fun you bought on the trip to Barcelona, it will be a great conversation piece and will always remind you of who you are.

Above all you do you
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Villa Necchi

Real black marble, brass, art. Everything extravagant. Villa Necchi is a true must visit.

The house, beautiful located in the center of Milan, was built between 1932 and 1935 by architect Piero Portaluppi and served as the home for Angelo Campiglio, his wife and his brother’s wife Nedda Necchi Gigina.

Villa Necchi has remained intact, both on the outside and the inside, and provides a fascinating view into the lives of those who once lived and worked there. The collection of decorative arts and furnishings further help the visitor to imagine what life must have been like in the villa in the 1930s.

Villa Necchi plays a central role in the 2009 film “Io Sono Amore” (I Am Love) directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton.

We went on a guided tour inside the house, where these photos ended up on the iPhone.



Snaps from Milan

Tina Svoldgaard —  April 19, 2016

Snaps from MilanDimore Studio

We have been out and about during Milan Design Week
The week was almost to overwhelming with great impressions, cool shows and fun meetings. We met up with so many of our talented designers and walked more than 20 kilometers each day – at the trade show and in the showrooms located in the streets of Milan.

Here wo go. Some snaps from my iPhone. (Please note: this is not only Bolia products, but also other inspiring designs and moments)

Meet Desiree Groenendal. She’s the cool lady behind the popular interior blog Vosgesparis and Amsterdam Next City Guide.

Amsterdam shopping guide for men
On the Amsterdam Next blog and in the app I covered several shops targeted at men. I personally really love those stores as they run a collection different from the design stores where I normally shop for my home, and they are the perfect place to find a gift for your brother or boyfriend.

You’ll often find a collection with a tough look and materials such as leather, denim, concrete and metal. Stylish coffee table objects that are slightly different, cool drinks, shaving gear and toxidermia, something many guys seem to love. I made a selection of some of the best stores in town I think are great for men to shop or to find a cool present when you are in Amsterdam.

My absolute favourite is ‘Grand & Johnson’ located at ‘De Hallen’ the store is a long-cherished dream of two designers who use the store as the home base for their design studio and for their own designs and custom-made baths, cupboards and dressers and many special and unique items from around the world for a stylish home.

Next to ‘Grand & Johnson’ you will find the work of local Amsterdam entrepreneurs and designers at the ‘Local Goods Store’. From cool design gadgets, refurbished lamps, local liquor and honey to books and fashion like Oost/West sweaters referring to the Amsterdam neighborhoods.

At Haarlemmerdijk ‘Six and Sons’ is one of my favourites, a raw and industrial mini department store with 2 floors of new, vintage and industrial items for both yourself and your home and men’s fashion, I bought some great whisky glasses there lately. The shop is focused on representing talented designers and small labels, and offers them a platform to bring their products and visions to a wider public.

If you are looking for unique products that make great gifts for men – personal care, taxidermy, globes, shaving accessories, prints, lithography and school charts ‘Concrete Matter’ is the place to go.

‘Hutspot’ has two different locations in town (Van Woustraat 4 & Rozengracht 204-210) and searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shop. At the Van Wou location you will also find an in store Barber.

‘His Manners’ is the latest concept store for men in the ‘Pijp’ area. The store has a tough look with metal stairs and blue steel walls. Leather products play a central role and even one of the walls is covered in leather. The place to shop for quality leather bags, gadgets and gifts that all fit the ‘must haves’ category. I also spotted some furniture and a few great coffee table objects.

‘Property of’ is a little gem in the Herenstraat at the ‘Jordaan’ and founded by the owners of a line of cafes in Singapore who created a brand of fine men’s bags and accessories and named it Property Of… The store has a cool black interior and the collection is targeted at men (and women) with a contemporary urban lifestyle.


Meet Desiree Groenendal. She’s the cool lady behind the popular interior blog Vosgesparis and Amsterdam Next City Guide.

Desiree keeps us updated on newness and secret spots in beautiful Amsterdam

Windmills, beer and design
Amsterdam is welcoming over 5 million tourists a year and most of them stay in the city centre, where they visit the usual attractions, buy souvenirs and love to try out one of the 881.000 bikes. In fact Amsterdam has more bikes than their 821.000 inhabitants! With this huge amount of visitors walking around in the city it can be really busy downtown, one of the reasons also why I started my Amsterdam city guide where I share the places we locals love and that are great for interior and design lovers like myself.

Windmill ‘De Gooyer’ is just a short trip from the city centre and a familiar landmark for visitors and their camera’s. The large terrace at the foot of the mill is part of the adjacent former bathhouse where nowadays the ‘IJ brewery’ is located and where some famous local beers are made and can be tasted. For those who are more into coffee, there is ‘De Branderij’ where they roast their own beans in the back.

From the mill it is only a short walk to the ‘Czaar Peterstraat’, one of the recently renewed streets on the edge of the city centre. New stores are opening almost everyday and the street offers an interesting selection of food and nonfood. Several workshops, and tiny specialized shops are located side by side in the buildings from 1875.

One of the first stores to open in this Eastern part of Amsterdam was ‘CP113’ with lots of Scandinavian fashion, accessories and some vintage and industrial design pieces. You can often find beautiful installations in the store, like the one from ‘Haruka Matsuo’ who was showcasing his paintings, porcelain and textiles at the store when I visited. The combination of art, objects and my favourite fashion brands, gives the store a real great atmosphere.

‘Dreamboat’ is a design studio and store selling beautiful knitwear, fashion, perfumes and many other objects and special finds. Fun fact: the owners husband has his own part of the store, called ‘His Master’s Choice’ where you can shop his personal favourites, art, travel wear, office goods, and home perfume by The Collective. De Werk-winkel is the place to shop for small and unique illustrations and lovely design goods, All gifts with a story and influenced by places the owners lived or touched, from Toronto to Barcelona and Maastricht.

Bolia Loves Amsterdam

Tina Svoldgaard —  December 21, 2015


We’re open for business in Amsterdam!
Our shiny store had the most warm welcome in the beautiful city.
The store is located at Utrechtsestraat 78-80, surrounded by cool and creative neighbours.




Meet Desiree Groenendal. She’s the cool lady behind the popular interior blog Vosgesparis and Amsterdam Next City Guide.

Desiree keeps us updated on newness and secret spots in beautiful Amsterdam

Writing about design, beautiful homes and inspiring places is one of the things I love doing most and did for the last seven years on an almost daily base. Amsterdam isn’t a really big city but with the many canals and small alleys you can easily end up following the mass and missing those hidden places that can be found outside the main area’s. Readers of my blog often ask me where to go when visiting Amsterdam. I love to share my favourite places with them and made a personal city guide where I collected all the places I think are interesting because they sell great design or have amazing interiors and good coffee or lunch.

If you think about Dutch design ‘Droog design’ is one of the places to be. Founded in 1993 by Renny Rademakers and Aldo Bakker the huge building is a special place for design lovers in the heart of Amsterdam offering exhibitions, collaborative projects, talks and debates.  A mini empire of design shops with on the ground floor the Droog store, offering a selection of affordable Dutch design, accessories, lighting, furniture and limited editions along fashion, beauty products, studio work and installations. There is a one! room hotel, and a cafe and tea room with a relaxing atmosphere which is a great place for meetings and work while surrounded by beautiful design objects, including the tiled kitchen with functional tiles by Arnout Visser. Droog is build around a fairy tale garden like Rosanna Orlandi’s garden in Milan, looking at the cafe’s huge reinterpretation of Rembrandt’s painting ‘De Staalmeesters’ though, make you realize you’re in an historical building built in 1641 downtown Amsterdam.


Studying Textile Design

Lea Kargaard —  October 12, 2015

Studying Textile Design

Meet Lea Kargaard. She’s a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the Institute of Architecture and Design. Lea is in the Master program specializing in textile design, where she works with the development of textiles and design concepts for interiors, fashion and architecture.

Lea invites us into the studio and shares her creative process with us.

At the moment, I am in the middle of a small process, where I work and experiment with the 3-D shapes and designs in textile materials which are suitable for shielding or similar functions either inside or in the outdoors.

It is somewhat of a challenge, and I have no idea right now what I am really doing. But the good thing about this small process is that you just have to throw yourself into it and see what comes out of it.

I certainly need to practice not thinking too much about what it is I am doing. And just do something instead. This usualy results in some very interesting studies, which you can use later in the design process.

Here are some various work images and inspiration material from my process. The focus is on membrane constructions, colors, transparent materials, as well as shadows and patterns used in architecture. It is all based on the textile.


We’re nominated!

Bolia .com —  August 21, 2015

blogHighly deserved acclaim showered upon the Morse Lamp, designed by Morten & Jonas.

Our Morse Lamp, created by the Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas, has been nominated for an award at the Bo Bedre Design Awards in Oslo.

The Morse Lamp is joined by four other strong designs in the competition for the Lamp Design of the Year award.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, 26 August at the Design and Architecture Centre in Oslo, where awards will be presented in seven design categories.

See the other nominated design stars and discover inspiration at

Morten & Jonas on their design:

We are inspired by living and everyday life. We want to have a curious and playful approach to our work and this should be reflected in our expression, our choice of materials and the people around us. A touch of humour in design is important, but it must also reflect a good understanding of form, function and details. We have succeeded in our work when our design makes others happy.



Bolia designs at ARoS

Bolia .com —  August 6, 2015


Bolia is part of the beautiful exhibition ‘FORM, COLOUR, PLANE’ at ARoS Art Museum.

The museum is staging works from their permanent collection in a new innovative, untraditional and colorful way.

Bolia design classics such as the Aura sofa, the Bullet chairs, the Square table and the Strap shelf takes part in the cool exhibition.

Pay ARoS a visit if you are in Aarhus.
The exhibition is up until August 30th.

For the love of art.


Ceramics Crush

Igor Josifovic —  July 29, 2015

Ceramics Crush

A few weeks ago I spoke about earthy hues here on the Bolia blog. Many boho interiors feature those earthy hues as well as plants and – ceramics. Made of clay thus of earth itself, ceramics transmit a very rooted feeling in a home. In human history it is known that mankind started working with clay thousands of years ago and ever since it has become an integral part of our lives.

Today we can see a new crush on ceramics. People love to collect them, they carefully choose their ceramic pieces often opting for vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind items, handmade ceramics. And they use them while decorating their homes. Ceramics have a great visual impact when styling your home – they work as a statement piece when placed solely or work as a group together.

When you group ceramics try to find one common ground: a common style, a common hue or common shapes to make the biggest visual statement. And think of a great mix of new and old pieces to add interst to your ceramics collection.

No need to mention that you can find some really nice pieces at Bolia, right? Have fun collecting!


How we dwell in 2016

Igor Josifovic —  July 26, 2015

How we dwell in 2016

Dwelling has gone way beyond the physiological or safety needs once decribed by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. Today dwelling is an expression of our lifestyle and our beliefs. It is shaped by our character and is the visible outer shell of our personality. Brands in the dwelling business have always been challenged to understand and forecast the lifestyle that will match the preferencies of the majority. Thus let us look into 2016 with Bolia and its brand new collection.

Nature, geometry and saturated colours seem to be an overarching vibe that I’m getting from the new Bolia collection. I love how natural materials interact with geometric shapes, how the interplay of colours and shapes sometimes even reminds me slightly of the Memphis designs in the 1980s yet everything looks incredibly contemporary.

If I am to choose my favorites I would have a hard time. I’m a big fan of velour, so eventhough the Madison sofa and Bullet recliner is not new, they’ll be on my list. Also the new, high Clinkers wooden sideboard, the Bloom glass vases with cork base and the new smoke oak version oft he Strap home office wall unit. The new Bolia collection embraces our striving for a calm and peaceful home, for a grown-up haven where style and refinement reside.

Now only one question remains: How will you dwell in 2016?