New Spring collectionThe new spring collection’s style is clearly inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition, but with the addition of lots of vibrant colours to brighten up the home after a long winter. The new collection includes the hottest contemporary materials such as concrete, different coloured marble and glass and metals in the form of brass, copper and steel. Some of the trends the Bolia design team have based the new collection on include the concept of bringing nature into the home and designs featuring tonal colour combinations. The new designs can all easily be used independently, but we love putting together the different forms, materials and colour ranges in our own interiors.

The designers behind the collection include KaschKasch, Rikke Frost, Michela Catalano, Virgile Thevoz and Josephine Choquet.

The spring collection consists of many different designs such as patterned and floral cushions for livening a grey sofa up, various plant pots to bring some greenery inside, coloured, almost sculpture-like mirrors, minimalistic trays, raw images on postcards, frames with city posters, and last but not least, a mobile phone speaker.

DIY by Henriette Kalbekken


My name is Henriette Amlie Kalbekken. I’m 24 years old, from Tromsø, mother to two lively boys and crazy about interior design.

I was asked to contribute to the Bolia blog precisely because of this passion, which I share through my own blog As a former store manager for Bolia Tromsø I feel connected to company and its products and values. That’s why I jumped at the chance of blogging on behalf of Bolia. My wish is that this blog will allow me to share my passion with you in the hope that you will be inspired to let your creativity loose in your own home using your own unique style.

There is enough to say about interior decoration and design to fill any number of books, but to me the most important thing is feeling happy in my own home. I’m happiest when I get to create. I love finding the beauty in objects and making them my own, and that goes for both large pieces and small details. Although I am constantly repainting my walls you’re just as likely to find me focusing on the smaller items in the window sill. I’m truly in my element when getting stuck into a DIY project. Car boot season is almost upon us, which is why I wanted to dedicate this first blog entry to sharing some of my favourite DIY fixes.

Wall decoration


My boyfriend and I gave the wall in my old apartment a spontaneous facelift one evening. We felt it was dull and in need of a revamp. We began experimenting and masking temporarily. The result was amazing!

Home made storage

I wanted a marble shelf so I bought mounts and marble tiles to make a sleek kitchen shelf. Easy, affordable and really cool.

Home made storage (2)

The shelves in the bedroom were created using an old shoe rack from the early 90s. As soon as I come up with a new DIY idea I need to get it out there, otherwise I’ll never do it.

Marble mac

The marble Mac became quite a success. It went viral online and it was an incredible feeling knowing that it was the result of my imagination! It was a spur of the moment idea and so much fun to do.

I’m thinking about dedicating my next entry to things that inspire me. I’m already looking forward to it!

Grand Opening in Haugesund


Dear Haugesund. It’s a great pleasure for us to open a store in your lovely city. We have for a long time been looking forward to the Grand opening and are excited to finally meet you all. We love that your city feel so cozy and have only gotten positive feedback when preparing the store for today – for this we thank you.

The interior decoration is inspired by ‘’city meets nature’’ which can be seen around the store and furthermore in the designs, where we like to mix materials and play with contrasts. We like to think that visiting us is not just a ‘normal’ store visit and would like you to feel comfortable and welcome – so we build an apartment inside the store. The style, decoration and music in here takes you straight to the romantic and beautiful city of Paris. It can’t be described – you have to experience it yourself.

So stop by our new store and take part in the grand opening! We promise to spoil you with snacks, champagne, welcoming offers and we always have a lots of Scandinavian designs and a fantastic service.

If you can’t make it to the store today, then visit us one of the coming days – we will keep celebrating the new store for the next 10 days.

More info about the new store can be found here

Living small with Bolia

Allan Torp —  December 30, 2014

Living Small with Bolia 1

With a single word, I can summarize what it’s all about when talking about living small: THINGS! It’s not so much what we spend time on in our homes, but more what we bring into it. We (or at least, I) tend to bring things coming into our home on a single ticket – it builds up and even when we occasionally may have to move, then somehow it ends up in the new place also. When you live in small spaces you are forces to listen to the mantra “Less is more” otherwise it just ends up wrong. There is no way around, clutter and living small simply do not go hand in hand! This means that you have to consider your things and just surround yourself with the things that really serve a purpose.

So the very first thing you should look at when you live small (and for that matter, live large) is to get rid off all the things that are unnecessary. Many of us also make the big mistake that we go out buying more things, which we can use as organizers, but it does not help does it? Basically you only bring more stuff into your home! I know it is not easy to discard things, but maybe you do not need to it throw away, but just keep it in the basement or leave the large dining table you inherited from grandma at home with father and mother, who happens to live larger.

In many cases, good design in small spaces actually just needs good thinking. Although the same basic decorating principles can be applied regardless of size, you need to bring a much more holistic approach to your design problems where space is constrained. The smaller the place, the more is the likelihood that the changes you decide will have a dramatic effect. In other word, it is important that you do not tackle your problems individually.

Quite often the question is that you need to find space for both your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storage space, all in only one or two rooms! We often think of fitting it in this way! The first step when you need to arrange a one-bedroom apartment is to wipe the slate clean of preconceptions. Forget rooms and their traditional use and focus on what you actually do and meet those needs and activities with simple units.

I selected a few cool products from Bolia that I think would go very well in a smaller décor.



Allan Torp —  December 18, 2014


Gatherings 1

Throughout the past year social media have been flooded with images of delicious food pictures and gorgeous tables set for a spectacular gathering. Gatherings with the sole purpose to get you to open your home or venturing outdoors with your loved ones have definitely become a huge trend. It is all about getting people to gather and cook in their homes, and experience the world’s oldest act of communication: sharing a meal.

Remove as much of the fuss and formality of normal entertainment as possible. Set your table in a modest manner, and serve honest and straightforward food. The focus should be on the sense of togetherness and the tradition that is richly formed and celebrated through the shared meals. Invite family, friends and other guests to join in the preparations of the meals and dine around the table. Don’t be afraid to invite strangers, you never know, you might end up with new amazing friends.

On the brisk fall days we often experience in the Nordic region I often go for family walks and outings. We collect leaves and take in the change of season. I love the autumn days where the air is cooler and the colours are vibrant. I try to slow down to really enjoy the day. After a day outside, there is nothing better that enjoying a warm meal that has been in the making all day.

Get inspired by the surrounding outdoors, create a simple centrepiece of foraged branches and scatter leaves sporadically on the table. Select clean white plates and if you are not lucky enough to have a wooden table like Bolia’s Nordic or DT20, then cover up your table with a white linen tablecloth. Remember one thing; don’t over do it. Gatherings are about the food and the company, not some extravagant table setting.


  1. Oncewed
  2. Spoon Fork Bacon
  3. Oncewed
  4. Bungalow5
  5. Simply Slow
  6. 100 Layer Cake.

Nordic Christmas Mood

Allan Torp —  December 11, 2014

Nordic Christmas Mood

Maybe Jesus was born in the stables, that don’t mean you have to include straw and water troughs in your living room to celebrate Christmas. Nevertheless your home is the best place for you to get in the right Christmas mood, and for that we need Christmas decorations! I am not a big fan of the whole nativity plays and porcelain elves, however, I love the simpler understated Christmas – and I have to say, the Bolia Christmas Collection 2014 is looking pretty cool.

I myself have transformed my small window still into a something that smells a bit like Christmas with a little real-life Christmas tree (sort of) and the small glass Christmas tree-like by Bolia to get the proper Nordic setting.

“Decorate for the life you want, not the one you have”

To get the proper Nordic minimalistic Christmas you should look for items made in natural materials, like ceramics, glass, marble, wood and concrete. Add a bit of warmth with cobber, brass and gold – and don’t forget this years Christmas colour, green.

Ps. Green is also the big colour of the year 2015, just saying!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas – and now, go decorate!

A Christmas gift from me to me

Allan Torp —  December 4, 2014

A Christmas gift from me to me

Sometimes it’s just easiest to treat yourself with a little something extra around Christmas and buy yourself ‘the one and only’ Christmas Wish. Like the couch you have been dreaming about for the entire year or the rug you cannot live without. And can you think of a better time than Christmas to treat yourself with a present beyond the usual.  And the best part, you don’t have ask anyone for permission, just go buy whatever you want Just do it – we call it ‘A Christmas Gift From Me To Me’ – and that’s okay with us.

We have gathered some of our favourite Bolia items, use it as an inspiration on what you should (or could) treat yourself with this coming holiday. Three ‘for her’ and three ‘for him’. They are especially selected by us and you can find them all in the new Bolia Lookbook.

Happy Holidays. Ho ho ho…

Pretty pink

This classic oval armchair is both minimalistic and feminine. Right now we are deeply in love with pink and nude colours and we would choose the ‘Eve Chair’ designed by Charlotte Høncke in the textile called “Nature Pink” and white oiled oak legs. The perfect armchair for daydreaming.

The rug everybody are talking about

This year’s must have is a Marrakesh berber rug. They are handmade in natural wool with geometric lines in black or brown. The rugs are all vintage in their own unique form. This rug is filled with traditions and some wise people say, that the diamond shape in the middle keeps evil spirits away.

Light up the world

In these dark times of the year, we all needs some light to fight of the winter. This adorable table lamp in round shapes designed by Charlotte Høncke will definitely support you with the light in a feminine way. And of course, in one of our favourite nude colours. Spice it up and make it personal by storing your jewellery or personal elements of yours in the bowl at the bottom.

Industrial lamp

This industrial wall lamp in dark blue design by the team of ‘OOOJA’ is perfect as a bed lamp or as a working lamp at your desk. It is minimalistic and it doesn’t need a lot of space. Cool and practical for the small home.

Take a nap

This daybed is all about simplicity. And we think that simplicity is one of the most important things in life, when you need to rest. ‘Landscape Daybed’ designed by ‘Outofstock’ gives you the opportunity to take a comfortable nap. We would choose the daybed in the textile called ‘Bone Blue’, a beautiful and masculine Midnight Blue.

Whiskey o’clock

The ‘Oliver Bar Cabinet’ in walnut is perfect for the man who has it all and a corner to spare. In it you can store your favourite bourbons, whiskeys and rum in a old fashioned and Mad Men kind of way.

Forest green

Igor Josifovic —  November 27, 2014

Forest Green

The festive season is approaching and we might be pondering what’s hot and what’s not for our Christmas decoration. On the way to December through gloomy and wet November I like to draw inspiration from the surrounding nature. Rainy mountains, deep green forests, grey skies – these elements are a fantastic seasonal basis and when spiced up with a dash of glam – hello seasonal decor!

A great and simple way to play along and find your decor scheme is to create a little vignette. For my vignette I used a few things found at home and sourced at Bolia: a vintage forest painting, a scented candle with the smell of the forest, a glass dome and a few wooden trees, a shiny vase and a marble tray – all these elements capture that festive and nature inspired decor vibe.

If you feel challenged, here are a few easy tips for a vignette at home: Find a colour theme and play along with various hues from the same colour family. Add one unexpected element in colour and/or shape to highlight the vignette. And also think of various textures and a 2D/3D effect. Notice the trees on my vintage painting and the little wooden trees on the marble tray? That’s what I mean! And now it’s your turn!

Dear Frankfurt

Søren Kirkegaard —  October 17, 2014

Hello Frankfurt

Thanks for making us feel so welcome in your wonderful city.

Yesterday we celebrated the Grand opening of the new Bolia store on Börsenstrasse 13-15 and had a great time meeting all of you who stopped by.

The interior decoration has its foundation in the concept ‘city meets nature’, which praises the contrast and difference in mixing different styles and materials – this is something that the Bolia design team always keeps in mind when designing the range of furniture, which often mixes unexpected materials, shapes and build in smaller surprises.

We really love the unexpected and a good surprise. That’s why we build an apartment inside the store, which with style decoration and sound theme takes you straight to New York. It is hard to describe, so stop by next time you are in Frankfurt.

The store has its own atrium, which we love and it will be very nice during summertime. However, this does not mean that it cannot be taken into good use now, because we place an Urban greenhouse in it. It’s designed by Danish Line Grüner and combines people in the city to grow their own vegetables, while having a cozy place to relax and re-charge their batteries. We love the idea and design and simply wants to share this innovative design with you.

If you didn’t see the store yesterday, then stop by today, tomorrow or next week – we promise to spoil you with snacks, champagne, lounge music, welcoming offers and lots of Scandinavian designs.


A lengthy name

Søren Kirkegaard —  September 11, 2014

A lenghty name

There are two reasons to why Longitude has a lengthy name. One, the top model has an extension top in black linoleum and can fit up to 20 people with its 480 cm fully extended. Two, its quality materials like walnut, lacquered steel and brass will make it last for a loooong time. Not a big fan of the dark colours? No biggie, it also comes in oak and white laminate.

Longitude is designed by Michael H. Nielsen, whose style is characterized by focusing on the detail and ‘edge’ in each of his design. He has always been fascinated by excellent craftsmanship and believes that good design is what gives meaning and value to the people who use it.

When Michael designed the Longitude table he really wanted to make this table as long as possible, but still keeping it ‘only’ 90 cm. deep. To him, a table top with less depth makes the conversation more lively and personal.




Hello Europe

Søren Kirkegaard —  August 29, 2014

Hello Europe

We, Bolia, started designing and selling furniture 14 years ago. Until now only Scandinavia and Germany have been able to shop the Bolia collection, but here’s some good news – we just launched our International webshop.

This is where everybody in Europe can fall in love with our furniture designs, order them and get them delivered to their homes. Is it a coincidence that the timing coincides nicely with the launch the 2015 collection? Yes, but it makes it a lot easier to get your hands on the new collection.

For a long time we have experienced a strong interest and growing demand for our designs from countries all over the world, especially after we have integrated social platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

But being able to offer home delivery to all European countries is the first step. The second step is to offer home delivery to everyone, without any exceptions. So stay tuned, this webshop will keep developing.

Visit the new international online shop here.

New International webshop

Furniture porn

Søren Kirkegaard —  August 15, 2014


If you have never heard the word “furniture porn“, don’t despair. It is just us who are mad – mad about good quality furniture. It is a matter of having the courage to get right up close to a design, also from angles that you usually don’t see it from.

After all, furniture of good design being beautiful from all angles is a part of our design philosophy. We know that concentrating on the smallest details of our designs may seem a bit nerdy. But it is our passion, and these small details are what we are so passionate about. This is why we could not help it, when we shot pictures of our new collection, we had to take some close-up shots. Images that reveal whether a piece of furniture has been gone over 100%, in other words, if the designer has gone over all the details. Images like these are what we at Bolia call “Furniture Porn“.

Display your knickknacks

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Actually, it’s usually the simplest solutions that work best. Here we want to show you two simple and clever options of how to needly storage and display all your knickknacks.

Quadro by Oooja

It’s all about the contrasts when it comes to Quadra. The designers wanted to create a storage unit with at strong graphic expression and at the same time it should have an obvious function. Size-wise it shouldn’t be to dominant and yet it should attract some attention. And should it be pretty or practical? We think it ended up at a place where you choose how you want to use it – as a dollhouse, a bookshelf, a kitchen interior or maybe in the hallway?


Caja by Henrik Ilfeldt

This display cabinet is a re-interpretation of the classic typographer’s box and your knickknack’s best friend. With its small rooms in different sizes and depths, it has a very graphical and sculptural expression. Caja is 100% handmade – even the painting is done by hand. That’s why all of our Cajas are slightly different and yours will be 1% unique.


The sleek series

Søren Kirkegaard —  July 8, 2014

The sleek series

This is what we call a sculptural piece of Nordic woodcraft. Sleek is the result of  a desire to utilize milled, solid wood to define a new, modern chair with classic references and a timeless appeal.

The beautifully milled back is fixed to the bars and as a detail the two front bars goes all the way through the back and finished off with visible tenon joints – this creates a recognizable detail that shows the different colors in the wood. The cut away in the back ensures a comfortable sitting experience and adds a nice craftsman detail to the chair. The shape of the seat is rounded with a soft curve which makes it a pleasure to take a seat.

Sleek comes in a low and a high version, both very suitable for long conversations at the dinning table.

The Sleek chair series is a timeless piece of furniture that will add a Nordic classic feel to any dining room.


Søren Kirkegaard —  July 2, 2014

CombInspired by the natural shape of a honeycomb, the Comb table has the same strength and lightness as a beehive.

Designers Says Who ‘The intention was to achieve the same strength and lightness as bees do when they build a hive, and to interpret the fascinating pattern in a modern and stylish way. The pattern of the Comb table is made of a simple geometrical shaped mesh providing high strength and reduced weight. It works perfectly for smaller homes because it’s a table with lots of storage space. The steel frame base is meant as a basket for pillows, magazines or other knickknacks. Another feature is the visibility of the storage from the outside, which can influence the look of the table by displaying various objects’.

Comb is a part of the Bolia 2015 collection, which launches August 4th.

Wanna learn more about Says Who? Visit them right here