Forest green

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Forest Green

The festive season is approaching and we might be pondering what’s hot and what’s not for our Christmas decoration. On the way to December through gloomy and wet November I like to draw inspiration from the surrounding nature. Rainy mountains, deep green forests, grey skies – these elements are a fantastic seasonal basis and when spiced up with a dash of glam – hello seasonal decor!

A great and simple way to play along and find your decor scheme is to create a little vignette. For my vignette I used a few things found at home and sourced at Bolia: a vintage forest painting, a scented candle with the smell of the forest, a glass dome and a few wooden trees, a shiny vase and a marble tray – all these elements capture that festive and nature inspired decor vibe.

If you feel challenged, here are a few easy tips for a vignette at home: Find a colour theme and play along with various hues from the same colour family. Add one unexpected element in colour and/or shape to highlight the vignette. And also think of various textures and a 2D/3D effect. Notice the trees on my vintage painting and the little wooden trees on the marble tray? That’s what I mean! And now it’s your turn!

Dear Frankfurt

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Hello Frankfurt

Thanks for making us feel so welcome in your wonderful city.

Yesterday we celebrated the Grand opening of the new Bolia store on Börsenstrasse 13-15 and had a great time meeting all of you who stopped by.

The interior decoration has its foundation in the concept ‘city meets nature’, which praises the contrast and difference in mixing different styles and materials – this is something that the Bolia design team always keeps in mind when designing the range of furniture, which often mixes unexpected materials, shapes and build in smaller surprises.

We really love the unexpected and a good surprise. That’s why we build an apartment inside the store, which with style decoration and sound theme takes you straight to New York. It is hard to describe, so stop by next time you are in Frankfurt.

The store has its own atrium, which we love and it will be very nice during summertime. However, this does not mean that it cannot be taken into good use now, because we place an Urban greenhouse in it. It’s designed by Danish Line Grüner and combines people in the city to grow their own vegetables, while having a cozy place to relax and re-charge their batteries. We love the idea and design and simply wants to share this innovative design with you.

If you didn’t see the store yesterday, then stop by today, tomorrow or next week – we promise to spoil you with snacks, champagne, lounge music, welcoming offers and lots of Scandinavian designs.


A lengthy name

Søren Kirkegaard —  September 11, 2014

A lenghty name

There are two reasons to why Longitude has a lengthy name. One, the top model has an extension top in black linoleum and can fit up to 20 people with its 480 cm fully extended. Two, its quality materials like walnut, lacquered steel and brass will make it last for a loooong time. Not a big fan of the dark colours? No biggie, it also comes in oak and white laminate.

Longitude is designed by Michael H. Nielsen, whose style is characterized by focusing on the detail and ‘edge’ in each of his design. He has always been fascinated by excellent craftsmanship and believes that good design is what gives meaning and value to the people who use it.

When Michael designed the Longitude table he really wanted to make this table as long as possible, but still keeping it ‘only’ 90 cm. deep. To him, a table top with less depth makes the conversation more lively and personal.




Hello Europe

Søren Kirkegaard —  August 29, 2014

Hello Europe

We, Bolia, started designing and selling furniture 14 years ago. Until now only Scandinavia and Germany have been able to shop the Bolia collection, but here’s some good news – we just launched our International webshop.

This is where everybody in Europe can fall in love with our furniture designs, order them and get them delivered to their homes. Is it a coincidence that the timing coincides nicely with the launch the 2015 collection? Yes, but it makes it a lot easier to get your hands on the new collection.

For a long time we have experienced a strong interest and growing demand for our designs from countries all over the world, especially after we have integrated social platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

But being able to offer home delivery to all European countries is the first step. The second step is to offer home delivery to everyone, without any exceptions. So stay tuned, this webshop will keep developing.

Visit the new international online shop here.

New International webshop

Furniture porn

Søren Kirkegaard —  August 15, 2014


If you have never heard the word “furniture porn“, don’t despair. It is just us who are mad – mad about good quality furniture. It is a matter of having the courage to get right up close to a design, also from angles that you usually don’t see it from.

After all, furniture of good design being beautiful from all angles is a part of our design philosophy. We know that concentrating on the smallest details of our designs may seem a bit nerdy. But it is our passion, and these small details are what we are so passionate about. This is why we could not help it, when we shot pictures of our new collection, we had to take some close-up shots. Images that reveal whether a piece of furniture has been gone over 100%, in other words, if the designer has gone over all the details. Images like these are what we at Bolia call “Furniture Porn“.

Display your knickknacks

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Actually, it’s usually the simplest solutions that work best. Here we want to show you two simple and clever options of how to needly storage and display all your knickknacks.

Quadro by Oooja

It’s all about the contrasts when it comes to Quadra. The designers wanted to create a storage unit with at strong graphic expression and at the same time it should have an obvious function. Size-wise it shouldn’t be to dominant and yet it should attract some attention. And should it be pretty or practical? We think it ended up at a place where you choose how you want to use it – as a dollhouse, a bookshelf, a kitchen interior or maybe in the hallway?


Caja by Henrik Ilfeldt

This display cabinet is a re-interpretation of the classic typographer’s box and your knickknack’s best friend. With its small rooms in different sizes and depths, it has a very graphical and sculptural expression. Caja is 100% handmade – even the painting is done by hand. That’s why all of our Cajas are slightly different and yours will be 1% unique.


The sleek series

Søren Kirkegaard —  July 8, 2014

The sleek series

This is what we call a sculptural piece of Nordic woodcraft. Sleek is the result of  a desire to utilize milled, solid wood to define a new, modern chair with classic references and a timeless appeal.

The beautifully milled back is fixed to the bars and as a detail the two front bars goes all the way through the back and finished off with visible tenon joints – this creates a recognizable detail that shows the different colors in the wood. The cut away in the back ensures a comfortable sitting experience and adds a nice craftsman detail to the chair. The shape of the seat is rounded with a soft curve which makes it a pleasure to take a seat.

Sleek comes in a low and a high version, both very suitable for long conversations at the dinning table.

The Sleek chair series is a timeless piece of furniture that will add a Nordic classic feel to any dining room.


Søren Kirkegaard —  July 2, 2014

CombInspired by the natural shape of a honeycomb, the Comb table has the same strength and lightness as a beehive.

Designers Says Who ‘The intention was to achieve the same strength and lightness as bees do when they build a hive, and to interpret the fascinating pattern in a modern and stylish way. The pattern of the Comb table is made of a simple geometrical shaped mesh providing high strength and reduced weight. It works perfectly for smaller homes because it’s a table with lots of storage space. The steel frame base is meant as a basket for pillows, magazines or other knickknacks. Another feature is the visibility of the storage from the outside, which can influence the look of the table by displaying various objects’.

Comb is a part of the Bolia 2015 collection, which launches August 4th.

Wanna learn more about Says Who? Visit them right here

Bolia at Cannes LionsWe have been invited to Cannes Lions, to represent new Danish furniture design at Denmark’s stand. We are proud, honoured and said yes without flinching.

It is the first time that Denmark has ever been profiled in Cannes at this level and this impressive feat was developed in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Denmark has developed a strong international name for its unique Nordic art, food, film, design, fashion and much more, and this is about to be showcased at the world’s biggest festival of creativity in Cannes next week.

Why Bolia?

Director of Creativity and Communication, Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger, who is the main person behind the project explains,”The collaboration between and their advertising agency Uncle Grey is a good example of a Danish success story. The structure and creativity has in recent years managed to lift to be a lifestyle brand with an international appeal. is no longer just a retail furniture chain. It encompasses narratives, superb designs, international collaborations and an entire universe that is consistent both online and offline.”

Facts about Cannes Lions

The world’s largest festival of creativity is held on 15 – 21 June 2014

The 900 m2 Danish exhibit is built in the palace ’Palais des Festival’

The stand is furnished with the latest collection from and serves as a lounge area where all the festival participants are free to hang out.

In addition to Bolia, other participants include selected media agencies, Carlsberg and Rosendahl Design.

The event will be covered by Danish and international TV throughout the entire week.

As well as presentations from the Danish Minister of Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen and Lars Lyse Hansen from, there will also be the chance to hear presentations from a wide range of international names such as Jonathan Ive from Apple, film director Spike Jonze, Shane Smith of VICE and many, many more.


On the stand will we pre-launch an English version of, which will enable all of Europe to fall in love with Bolia designs, order online and have them delivered directly to their homes. The site is expected ready end of August 2014.

For more info see

Bolia Design Award

The Bolia Design Awards 2014 was held with great success on 22 May. Among the many stylish and carefully prepared designs, nine winners were selected among the young design talents from both at home and abroad. The winner was spot on with Bolia’s design philosophy with its aesthetic and functional design.

This year for the seventh time, Bolia has chosen the best designs, and this year’s panel of judges consisted of stylist Anette Eckmann, trend expert Mads Arlien-Søborg, lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and industrial designer Karina Mose, former Product Manager at Bolia Charlotte Høegh Fallesen and blogger, interior design stylist and author Emma Fexeus.

This year’s winner was Ditte Buus Nielsen with Hedge. First place went to Ditte Buus Nielsen for her partition named Hedge, which the judges describe as an “eye catcher”. Hedge convinces with its clean lines and functionality, as well as its combination of partition with storage system. Ditte Buus Nielsen is at the forefront with this integrated multifunctional piece, which is a perfect example of the trend “compact living”, where we live in smaller spaces in large cities and therefore need furniture with several functions. In addition to being honoured for her superb design, Ditte Nielsen will also receive a check for DKK 30,000.

Second place went to a wall clock named Pipolotti. The Swedish/Spanish design duo Sanna Völker and Marta Cuquet impacted the hearts of the judges with their decorative wall clock. The judging panel raved about the curved glass that gives the clock an old-fashioned and unique look, as well as the detail with the hole in the glass which has not been seen before. Sanna and Marta explain their participation in BDA with: “Bolia is fun and fresh! They have cool furniture and edgy communication. This inspired us to design products that express humour, elegance and personality.” This creative duo also won two honorary awards for their versatile lamp named Mary and an iconic table called Ringo.

Third place went to Frederik Alexander Werner for the so-called Laundry Basket. This styled laundry basket is a perfect example of New Scandinavian Design with its selection of materials and simple expression. Laundry Basket was Mads Arlien-Søborg’s favourite and he describes it as not only “a practical and good-looking laundry basket”, but also “innovative, good craftsmanship with many possible uses”.

People’s Choice Award and honorary awards. Thit Refn and Helene Pedersen received the People’s Choice Award and an honorary award this year for their Little Moose chair. This three-legged chair in light-coloured wood exudes high quality furniture making and the shape of the seat provides just the right final touch.Bolia also presented three additional honorary awards, including one to Jeannett Højer Hansen for her unique lamp named Bright Eye.

If you want to take a close look at these 9 selected designs, have a look at the previous blog posts – these are dedicated to show the designs and designers.

The Bolia Design Award 2015 is now open for entries. To find out more about how to submit your design visit

Little Moose by Thit Refn & Helene Pedersen Little Moose is like a “T”-construction and an interpretation of the classic stick chair with an addition of Nordic expression. The minimalistic design tells us about the Danish design inheritance in a new and modern style. The light and elegant chair with its three legs balances between the contrasts, gravity and roominess. The gravity can be felt on its wide seat, which is formed to give comfort and stability.

The name Little Moose derive from the way the chair is formed –each stick reaches out for the next stick and creates a fusion which refers the antlers of a moose. Beside that the moose is a Nordic animal – which adds the Nordic style to the chair.

“Danish design has to be more than inheritance. The chair in an expression of a new step in the Danish design culture, in keeping with tradition it enriches the culture with Nordic posture”.

Thit Refn and Helene Pedersen both study at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. They both saw the Bolia Design Award as an opportunity to distribute their design and reach the homes of many people.

Pipilotti by Sanna Völker & Marta Cuquet Pipilotti is based on people who slightly distort reality when they’re telling a story. Commonly there are small cracks in the story where the truth is concealed. In the same way there is a hole in the magnifying glass where you discover the true dimension of the story Pipilotti is telling you. The wall clock got her name from the video artist Pipilotti Rist, a master in the distortion of daily objects.

Peculiar personalities were the main concept for the designs Sanna Völker and Marta Cuquet presented at the Bolia Design Award 2014. Humanised objects and the impression of Bolia to be a fun, fresh company inspired them to design Ringo, Pipilotti and Mary three products that express personality, elegance and humour.

What they both said about working with design: “Working with design is a way of life – the field is in a constant state of innovation, which makes the work very stimulating and pushes you to always develop and renew yourself”. and



Each year we go to Milan, which is one of our must-see places to get new inspiration. I the beginning of April almost everyone with an interest in furniture, visits the city and the furniture fair. It’s where all the big furniture brands show their new collection and many younger and talented designers show their designs for the very first time. We meet up with these young designers, to see if anyone can bring something new to our design team. If yes, then they get the chance to design for Bolia. We are sure that we meet some, who can contribute to the Bolia range.

The collection which we need fresh inspiration for, is the 2016 collection – yes, it takes such a  looong time to make new furniture designs.

This year we bumped into a few well-known designs, like the Grow lamp by Mette Risbæk. It’s already in production by us and can be found in the Bolia stores. We also saw the cool ‘Nord’ chair by Jesper Su Rosenmeier. Keep a close eye out for this guy, we really do believe in his talent.

All this new inspiration in colours, shapes and materials has now gone into a ’trend brief, which we do once a year. It’s packed with everything good we have seen and so heavy, that we had to send it out using big carrier pigeons. Now we can’t wait to see what our designers come up with, but we are sure that this new material will kick start their creative minds.


Bright Eye by Jeannett Højer HansenBright Eye is the little helper that shows you the way of lighting up your favorite spot in the room, by turning its head around. Bright Eye gives you a playful way to use the light source and still be a very attractive lamp, with its lovely round eye.

The base of the lamp is made out of birch wood and holds the cord and the light socket which is in metal. Around the metal, there is a blowed glass in smoked grey. Through this glass you can see the bulb that is glowing in a warm color. The light is shining through the hole – Bright Eye’s eye.

Jeannett has a passion for creating and explore new impressions that leads to good design; “If it gives you an exciting experience and a story you can’t forget – that’s good design to me”. Through her design, she likes to encourage people to play more. By following this mindset, she gives her design a twist of character, humor and details that brings it to live – just like the lively Bright Eye.

Quote by Jeannett: I have a dream – my dream is to do what you love. I love to create good design!

Are you inspired by Jeannett’s mindset, visit her on to see more:

Tracy by Louise MengelTracy is a shoe rack that’s inspired by classical paper trays. Louise Mengel’s idea was to make a simple design with a fun twist; “Many shoe racks are these days more practical than inspiring. So I’ve tried to combine a functional concept with a modern design that stands out from other shoe racks”. Tracy can contain 10 pair of shoes, 2 pairs in each drawer. The drawers can be slide from to side, making it easy to grab your shoes.

Louise also participated in Bolia Design Award ’13, with a re-design of the classical school chair. Her fascination is to pick out everyday items, and transform them into new designs. The whole design process from getting inspiration, finding materials and making it visual, is a process that she finds very interesting. Louise believe that inspiration can be found anywhere, you don’t need to travel far to come up with a good idea. You can be inspired by fairs and the Social Medias, you just need the feeling that you can do it better – and that’s a feeling Louise owns.

Louise follow the Nordic style and create her designs by the fraise “Less is more”. And as a twist, she gives it a playful touch. Her favorite designer is the former Italian designer, Achille Castigliono who had a playful touch in all of his designs.